Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Milky Way May Contain 60 Billion Life Supporting Planets?!

Scientists using the Kepler spacecraft have redoubled their estimates on planets in the Milky Way that could support life.

Estimates now put the number at an astounding 60 billion planets that could support life.   This mind numbing figure comes on the heels of  Kepler's findings.

Scientists base their estimates on the most common star in the Milky Way, red dwarfs.  Their rational being that each red dwarf's habitable zone contains a life supporting planet. 

The problem though is red dwarf stars are exceedingly miserly with it's energy.   Dorian Abbot, an assistant professor in geophysical sciences at the University of Chicago suggests that planets in the "Goldilocks" zone may well have thick cloud cover to trap infrared energy.  

There is an excellent film concerning discovering extra-solar planets at THIS link


kallamis said...

SEE. The Truth Is Out There.
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Beam Me Up said...

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