Monday, April 01, 2013

Quarter of a Million Views!

I don't often look at stats but with the seventh year mark approaches I take note
of some of the things that reflect to some degree how others feel of the BMU blog.   I noticed that the page view total went over a quarter million a while back.  By some standards that is small, but consider BMU.  The blog alone often drifts into scatological juvenile humor, often just juvenile.  I know, because I am the worst offender and I am of an age where I should damn well know better but refuse to acknowledge it. 

Other times its' subjects that are so rarefied that perhaps maybe 1% of the populace has any idea what we are talking about, and it is not wise to exclude the majority of your audience!

So what it comes down to is a bunch of people talking about stuff they are interested in of subject matter that all would agree sometimes is a bit weird and hard to follow.  

Then tie in the podcast with the audio stories news and trivia, and we find ourselves in a very exclusive   small niche.  

So when I see that over the period of the blog we have had very gratifying success, well I will tell everyone that had written for the blog and the followers to take a bow or pat yourself on the back.  I think we all have done a good thing and had fun doing it!  

Thanks people
Paul Cole
WRFR lp/fm in Rockland Maine usa
Beam Me Up

Oh and even my daughter found many of the elements to do the logo eight years ago!

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