Sunday, April 14, 2013

BMU # 361 Now Online Kahn & Khaw

After a short intro, I spend about ten minutes in my opening with a discussion. This week, why I feel the force you call gravity does not exist in the classical sense. At least according to the first law of motion...and some of the second. YOu can write comments to me btw at or go to the blog at and make your thoughts known on the weekly show description.

 From there....

 Episode 19 of Jason Kahn's series In Plain Sight. This week, psychic detective Jack Garrett has become interested in a mysterious back room, but to gain entrance he must face a man why himself also fairly crackles with psychic energy. Jack it would seem has his "work" cut out for him.

 The Original Star Trek (tost) is next in line as I find interesting Star Trek trivia from my favorite Star Trek trivia book. Some interesting facts to be had, to be sure.

 Next Earth_Sky reports on the Lyrid April 16-26 2013

 Kallamus is back with his weekly rundown, starts with a returning DBZ. NASA has submitted its' 2013 budget, one really exciting news about an asteroid capture, tow and then explore! First ever discovery of a black hole chowing down on a rogue planet! Io has some wildly different volcanic activity! Kallamus finds a site that shows how the planets would appear if they were in the same place as our moon. It is a stunning effect! Kall found some really good info on the "Man of Steel" movie. And finally Kall has a run at conspiracy when they take aim at a clothing tester and that somehow has been twisted into terminators of all things!

 Finally I read Having Survived an Apocalypse by Mini Khaw a story I read for the online flash fiction site Antipodean.

 All in all, I think this week's program was great fun. I hope you think so too!

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