Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dragonball Z is Returning

     Yeah, I know. It's been over for a long time now, and any new news is usually just info or fill-in story lines. But this is not. This is real news that gives hope to all of us that were, and are fans still.
     Now we aren't talking about any of that nonsense of DBGT here, but only about DBZ itself. And here is the news.
     A new DBZ movie titled "Battle Of The Gods" was released in theaters in japan. And it did amazingly well from what I have found. It did so well in fact, that Akira has stated that he is going to see about returning and doing another DBZ saga possibly up to 200 episodes. 
     It isn't over yet people. New technology and animation and DBZ is apparently returning. 
     I know not everyone out here is a fan, but yours truly is a fan as much as he is a fan of Reed Richards. And I grew up loving Reed. Not his power, but his mind. But forget that, we aren't talking about the first family of marvel here. We are discussing DBZ.
     I and many like me are excited over this. Not only is there a new movie, but now we apparently have more episodes coming. And since my man, Piccolo was in the movie, I am guessing he will be returning in the series as well when it returns. 
     I have no idea what to say, except for one thing. Bring it on. Duel monster tournies went to hell in a hand bag here, and DBGT went to hell as well. Maybe duel monsters will never be what it should be again, but there is hope for DBZ after all. 
     So for those like me, that are serious fans of the story, lets keep our fingers crossed. Because at the moment, it looks like this.
     Yabba fracking dabba smegging doo.

     Sorry. I really loved DB and DBZ.  DBGT just sucked in my view.  So long as my boy returns, I'm there, believe it.


kallamis said...

Yeah I know this should have been in the Weekly rundown, but I was waiting and searching first. Haven't found anything yet to contradict it as of late, so I went ahead and put it up now.
I hate getting my hopes up, but this really is looking promising.

kallamis said...

Also just heard that it is scheduled for a July 12th release of the movie here in the states. Can't verify this yet, but I'll be looking to find out so that I can pre-order it if it is the date.