Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Get ready to Boldly Go - Star Trek online has started

Tim Sayell points out an article in Plugged In reporting what for many will be a red letter day or as Plugged In said "Red Shirt" because Cryptic Studios has taken the MMORPG - Star Trek out of beta that it has been running in since December of 09 and into a brave new world. Yes, now you can be the captain of a Federation warship or Klingon warlord or anything that strikes your fantasy in Star Trek's online world.

Star Trek online is for all intents a combat simulation, which may disappoint many fans hoping for a more complete Star Trek universe. Plus it is set so far into the future of the Star Trek we all cut out teeth on that none of the characters we know in various Star Trek outing are present (code for alive) in this time line. So if you were hoping to hobnob with Kirk or Picard you will be very disappointed.

Also another bone of contention is the price for the privilege. First is a hefty initial outlay of $50 for the main game and then $14.99 a month to blow up the baddies. Which may prove to be to rich for a narrow game-play platform. Time will tell.

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