Friday, April 10, 2009

Fox cutting Dollhouse season short?

I just picked this up on The Live Feed ! It seems that Fox has trimmed the final episode of Dollhouse from the schedule which was to contain 13 episodes. The show will end with episode 12 who's title is: Omega. The closer will air on May 8 and it would seem that the only way one will get to see episode 13, titled Epitaph One, will be on the DVD release. One would suspect that the network not airing the last episode would spell cancellation but it would seem that even that has not been discussed yet.

Dollhouse in fact scored higher than it's lineup partner The Sarah Connors Chronicles. If anything this starts to look pretty grim for another season of T/TSCC.

For an episode description and more on and the fate of Dollhouse, read the complete article

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