Monday, May 16, 2016

Another Canadian heading to the International Space Station - in a Russian spacecraft

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA), announced that Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques has been assigned to a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS), aka Mission 58/59

This is Saint-Jacques' first mission. He'll launch aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket in November 2018 to join an international crew. This marks the 17th space flight for the Canadian Astronaut Corps.

Before joining the Canadian Space Program, Saint-Jacques was a medical doctor and Co-chief of Medicine at Inuulitsivik Health Centre in Puvirnituq, Nunavik, an Inuit community on Hudson Bay. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Family Medicine at McGill University

The Quebec native will bring his expertise in medicine, engineering and astrophysics to the Expedition 58/59 crew. In anticipation of this first assignment, he'll begin mission training in Russia, Japan, the United States and Canada starting this Summer.

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Beam Me Up said...

very caustic my Huber. Back in the 60s or 70s you say Canadian space we would have laughed you our of the room. Now you watch them work and you only hope that we can do it as good!

The US is going through the motions. We only hope we can step it up when we get a man ready of our own.