Monday, December 14, 2015

WTF?!! Solar Power Would Suck Up All The Power?

I usually don't do Earth sciences as for the most part they are not my forte so to speak. But sometime not saying anything is paramount to agreeing or supporting crackpot ideas.   For example....

A recent town meeting in Woodland North Carolina heard comments on a proposed solar energy plant.

What was surprising was the number of people who spoke out against the solar farm including a retired science teacher named Jane Mann.  One of Mz Mann's  concerns was that the array would suck up all the sun energy leaving none for the plants to conduct photosynthesis. Also she was concerned about the  jump in cancer deaths in the area, might be attributed to the solar power plant.  

Bobby Mann also agreed but went on to say that with the solar farm sucking up all the energy, new businesses would be disinclined to locate in Woodland.  The array would kill the town and young people would then move away.  

I am sorry, I don't even have to try, this stuff  writes itself!

for the original Boing Boing article, click HERE


scbuzz said...

Usually it's *my* current state (SC) that seems to have a lock on all the stupid $hit.
Glad NC is finally getting it's moment in the limelight of ignorance. If you look at where Woodland is located, it's east of I-95. If you're familiar with that end of the state, this makes perfect sense. Meanwhile, in slightly more liberal Western NC, large solar farms are popping up all over and NC state laws are very favorable toward residential solar installations (unlike the draconian SC laws). Consequently, our new house (near Asheville, NC) is having a 7KW array designed into it from the get-go.

kallamis said...

I did tell you this once you know. I've met these people. I know these people, and I live in ohio. One of them was my grandmother. Not great granny who had intelligence and taught me to read with mom. The idiot one, that declared physics should be a four letter word as physics hates god. We don't speak anymore. Once again I ask this question. Why you ask do I hate people? Read above.

Beam Me Up said...

OMG Kalamis that is the best example of an old basic loop! Like I said, writes itself!