Saturday, October 17, 2015

There is a huge hole in the Sun!

There is a huge hole in the Sun!

How big you might query .

Try 50 Earths that's how big.

As scary as a hole 50 Earths might be it is even scarier  because  the  huge  hole  spews  out  a
stream  of  high - speed solar wind, creating a geomagnetic  storm  close  to our own planet.

The image was taken on October 10 in wavelengths of 193 Angstroms, which is invisible to our
eyes. The dark spot, known as a coronal hole, which materialized last week remains harmless to
humans  on Earth but can interfere  with satellite  communications and some high-altitude radio

Coronal holes appear randomly on the outer layer of the sun, making it look darker than the
rest  of  the  star.   Caused  b y anomalies  in  the sun's  magnetic  field,  th e darker patch is
abundant with colder, less dense, low-energy gas and plasma.

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