Friday, October 30, 2015

Review: Pixels

I got a chance to watch Pixels on DVD recently on recommendation of a friend.  The recommendation was 
based on the movie having some science fiction elements. Which I will concede that it had in spades. 

What I wasn't told was that the film was banal, derivative and redundant. 

What is wrong with Adam Sandler? Him and his dream production team of Chris Columbus, Mark Radcliffe 
and others certainly got the job done, but should this turd even been attempted. First how far are 
we suppose to buy into Kevin James as President of the United States?!!  And how many times are we to
be subjected to the worn thin plot device of Aliens receiving age old tv shows and take them as a 
declaration of war?

Elements of Science Fiction? Yeah, ok.  But more like 100% brown stinker. 

If you want 106 minutes of totally mindless diversion, this might do the trick. Otherwise, put the 
movie down and back away slowly you can watch the trailer online which is all the best parts anyway.


btonym said...

I actually went to see this dog in a theater (106 minutes of my life down the toilet, not to mention brain cells that died from an overdose of stupidity). Wait for it to be shown on TV. You'll look forward to the commercials.

Beam Me Up said...

I see that we agree as we often do, btomyn. I mean really....just how damn 'intelligent' is a race that takes a cable access program as a deceleration of war? Pigs in Space would be a more believable scenario.