Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Where's the bleeping manuals

The Wil Wheaton Project
            Yeah, that Wil Wheaton, (Wesley Crusher) has a new series on the former sci-fi channel. He actually isn’t doing too bad of a job either. The first episode he was kind of stiff, but loosened up in the second, and in the third tonight he seems to have hit his stride. The show itself isn’t half bad either. I read a description somewhere (on IMDb maybe in the comment section or something), that describes it as a Tosh.O for nerds. Couldn’t describe it better myself really. Maybe to say that it doesn’t get as sick as Tosh.O does and is a bit more light hearted over all. It’s a decent show, and well worth the watch. Below is a link to the Hulu page where they post the episodes online. If you haven’t seen it, catch up. Felicia Day that was the star of the hit web series “The Guild” was on the second episode. And he did give a warning. Watch the show or the ones in charge will replace him with hillbilly ghost hunters. That is reason enough in my book to tune in every week at every showing.

            Well, where to start. Let’s start with what looks like bad news coming in 2015. The Intruder is back. For those that don’t remember, and you had better or hang your head in shame, or for those that don’t know, I wanted to slap the living you know what out of people at Cartoon Network. This was back in the time of the original Toonami, and the original Tom (Toonami Operations Module). Tom was the host then as he is now, but a different Tom. The first Tom was killed by The Intruder, and the second Tom was born.  We are now up to Tom 5.0, and the best since Tom 1.0. Tom 4.0 is not discussed by me, as I think they were all on acid at that time. I’ll give you two links here for this. The first leads to you tube and the original Intruder story. The second leads to the toonami wiki site and tells the history of Tom.  And you know what. If they feel such a need to wipe out TOM again, then why not just get a live host for toonami. Animation is expensive anyway. So I vote for Elvira to be hired as host. Seriously, with Attack On Titan and people being torn in half and eaten by much bigger naked people, she’d fit right in now. In other words, STOP KILLING OFF TOMS YOU SMEGGERS. They’ll probably blow up the Absolution, (the ship), again too.

            And now for what is definitely much better news.  On Sunday, June 15th, you’ll want to stay tuned in to cartoon Network after the new Robot Chicken episode. Rick and Morty won’t be returning till the end of the year or early next year, so if you were hoping for that, not happening yet, unfortunately. But another great show is returning for a fourth season of  6 episodes. And it looks to be another wild ride. I am of course talking about what has to be the most pleasant to be in prison in the universe, SUPERJAIL. It’ll wake up all your senses, right before shutting them down. It looks to be more back toward the first two season’s fun of flesh stripping, run amok mayhem and gore we all came to love it for. 10.5 minutes of desensitizing violence and gore and death and a self-hating love for people that 98% of should have been wiped from the universe long ago. If you haven’t seen Superjail, you have to see it. You either love it or hate it basically. I love it. There is a reason it is done in only short episodes.  The links will take you to the page with new season info and preview, and the second will take you to the Adult Swim site, where they have finally returned all the episodes of everything where they should be. I believe them. I think they all went on a freaking acid trip there for a few years. Yeah, taking down episodes really helps your web site. What a bunch of gits.

            And two more things. The first is short and to the point. An artist in South Korea needs an ass kicking. He used our Super Hero, Spidey yet of all people, for a piece of art on a side of a building with spidey bent backwards with a hard….. Well you get it. Seriously, people, I am telling you. Maybe it’s too late. Maybe the time for running amok is already past, and it’s just hopeless now. Here’s the link to the perversity.

And last of course is what I titled this one. Where in the blue blazing 9 million hells of (insert whatever myth suits you here), are the bleeding manuals for things now days. Some of us aren’t born with a freaking chip in our heads, yet.
            There was a time when a computer manual was too thick, and covered stuff no normal operator would ever even attempt to try. Okay, maybe not so big a deal with a computer, as the new ones now usually almost self-set up. But let’s go on.
            Anyone out there see a real manual for your smart phone? And I am not talking looking the freaking thing up on the internet.
            And what about tablets, etc.
            Here is my point on this. Manuals should be a part of everything for a simple reason. If you are trying to fix a problem on your tablet, phone, wtf ever, and you have no net access for whatever reason. So, what now? No manual. No answers except by experimenting, which can lead to some very unwanted results at times. Not to mention it becomes a real fun situation when you are trying to repair something on your comp, etc, and using an online manual jumping back and forth trying to follow a set of instructions that are written that long and drawn out I am convinced just to make life difficult. I can come up with multiple situations where a manual is needed. Here’s an idea.
            Get these people to realize that no one is going to keep up with tech now. Seriously. We were great at video games when they came out. But then the next line of tech came out. And it moves faster and stronger all the time. Kids are born into tech now that is changing as fast as each new micro generation is born. In 20 years, the kids that are born now, will be saying the same things. And by then a manual will be unheard of.
            So when you think about it, we are headed for a time when manuals will truly be obsolete, as the advent of tech will enable a direct connection to the net for instant information, and that is not far away.
            So now I make my biggest point. In 20 years, all of us that grew up watching Giant robot, Marine boy, Speed Racer, etc, are going to need a manual. A manual to figure out how to communicate with what we are creating now. Pretty soon text stuff will become actual words, such as LOL being not spelled but spoken as an actual word, and the same with other words and phrases as we butcher the language into something incoherent.  There is advancement of language, and then there is the de-evolvement of language. We are not advancing it. We are not stagnating it. Guess what that leaves?
            So, if someone out there has the time. I would really appreciate that manual of how to communicate with the rest of the country in 20 years.
            You know what. Go ahead and write the manual up, and get it printed for all my fellows out there. I think I’ll just pass. When we get to where I can’t understand the idiots anymore at all, then I won’t have to deal with them either. So you know what. You’ve already thrown out all the other manuals we need for stuff we buy, including any and all video game manuals you cheap %*%$#%*^%%^&^%^…, so just forget this one too. Damn thing would probably be illegible by the time it got written anyway. 


kallamis said...

And I forgot to mention up there, that Almost Human has been canceled. I liked that show.

Beam Me Up said...

really? Crap, I though they were on hiatus.... yeah I liked the interplay and there were plenty of development to work with that would have been very interesting....damn.