Sunday, June 01, 2014

BMU # 408 Is Now Online What Everyone Wanted - Evans + In the Corps - Barbour

After my opening comments which I have to tell you were a bit on the WTF! is he talking about side, I settle down to play my first story, "what everyone wanted" by Robert Mitchel Evans.

Directly after, a tune by John anealio, "Angels and vampires.

Then we jaunt over to a few articles from the Beam Me Up blog: I spend a moment speaking about Harlan Ellison and some on his really transporting works.

Canada this week demonstrated its Dextre hand, by replacing a camera on the Canada 2 arm.

Skype plans to institute a real time translator in the very near future.  Some Skype users will have the ability to use the software by the end of 2014.  At this time it is only German to English and back.  By 2016 the translator will be fully functional.  

And the final story of the show. "In the Corps" by Matthew J. Barbour

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