Friday, December 09, 2011

C - No Green Screen - No CGI - and Kickstarter!

Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier are two filmmakers from Hudson, New York whose goal is to fund and release C The Movie. This is what the web site describes the movie as.
  • "C" follows the story of an idealistic flight officer who hijacks a spaceship during an interplanetary cold war. Testing the limits of her ship and crew, she attempts to leave our solar system in the search for other habitable worlds in the galaxy.

It would seem though that not all the crew are in favor of the attempt and what results is a tense compelling sci-fi action/dram.

Another aspect of the film should be easily as compelling. The filmmakers will not be using any green screen or computer graphic imaging. Just the preview alone gives you a taste of what that means. Dark and tense are two words that come to mind readily.

Van Gorder and Stockmeier also will be using Kickstarter to finance the film. So far they have been very successful raising 95% of their 18 thousand dollar goal.

If you want to know more about the film project you can go to it's web site at

I have plugged in the trailer below. If you liked the dark physiological science fiction films from a few decades ago - then you are going to enjoy this as well.

c (299,792 kilometers per second) from Derek Van Gorder on Vimeo.

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