Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beam Me Up episode 292 online

Wow talk about a show that got away from me it was this one - episode 292.  The hour just screams by!   I start the hour off with a song from James Struthers called “You Me and Optimus Prime...”  It is from Struthers’ official YouTube video and the video is every bit as much fun as the song.  

Next the first story of the evening, I reenter the world of Clockwork by Erin Bassett.  This week is episode 2.  Ester returns to the academy  only to again come in contact with the mysterious Holland .   At the bottom of the hour is the conclusion of Thief of Futures by D. Thomas Minton.   Eshram has been pulled reluctantly out of retirement for a theft he finds for all intents, abhorrent, but the further he delves the more complex becomes the project and less clear as to the why and even more so the who.  When clarity finally comes it may be too late!

I didn’t have much time today for news other than the Dawn orbiter completed its’ maneuver to its’ new lower altitude of 130 miles.  The pics from the framing camera aboard the craft is already taking stunning photos.   And finally - the creator of Captain America - Joe Simon - has passed away at 98.

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