Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Here a short film by Spike Jonze

I just got a chance to see the new short film by Spike Jonze called I'm Here which premiered this past January at Sundance. It is now available to view online. . The film, which stars Andrew Garfield and Sienna Guillory was funded by Absolut Vodka has taken a really strange step by allowing only 5000 viewings a day. So as you can guess it takes forever to get into a cue. I really have to say that I almost gave up on trying to view it and what's worse, I wanted to at least put the trailer up and guess what....that's been taken down! I can't remember when the very people you want to see a film were ever treated so surly.

So...what about the movie? Oh it's cute. A pretty simplistic robot love story. Predictable, but certainly not unwatchable....well at least in one sense! The movie has elements of futility, depression, alienation, so when a "girl" comes along that steps outside the boundaries, the main character will take whatever measures he can to preserve her in his life.

I'm Here is like a surreal Wal-E perhaps, but not animation. Green screen elements and live action are pretty deftly handled.

So the movie is diverting and cute. I would suggest it if you're not put off by the way the movie is being distributed. I would think, that if you're releasing it, put it on You-Tube with a limited creative commons copyright instead of the stupid flash setup they are using now. The sponsor gets even MORE exposure and far less cost in server overhead. But now maybe I am being simplistic.

I'm Here movie site

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