Sunday, March 07, 2010

Daily KOS: Science Fiction you should be reading

Ron Huber send me a cool link to a new feature on the Daily KOS website that might just become a regular feature, if it does, I would be a fan.

The article in question is called Science Fiction you should be reading, and the couple titles that are listed in this introductory article peaked my interest.

After the introduction the first novel that they mention is A Fire Upon the Deep by Venor Vinge. With this blurb:
  • Right on the border between the worlds of normal matter-based beings and the unthinkable beyond, a little race called humans has found the wreck of a mammoth computer. With a little work, they might be able to get it going. It could be the greatest thing ever discovered by man. Or the very worst.
and the second is a personal favorite of mine Startide Rising by David Brin.
  • The starship Streaker and splash into an alien ocean. Crewed by a mixture of humans, chimpanzees and dolphins, the ship has located something very valuable in space – something that many more ancient races than man are willing to go to war over – but Streaker hasn't shared the location of its find, and as the ship hunkers down to hide beneath the waves, vast forces prepare to battle.
Both novels are discussed in an intelligent manner with background and various other information nuggets that just imbues this article with enough goodness that entertains and informs.

It's a solid recommendation that can be found here and I know I look forward to the next installation.


Anonymous said...

Daily KOS? You have to be kidding. These people are less than filth. I wouldn't trust them to clean the urine the floor in a barroom dive.

Anonymous said...

The Daily KOS?
No, sorry. I'd rather you promote Satin over those scum suckers.

Revtim said...

I also prefer you promote satin, it's silky smooth.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you guy(s) obviously have deep *personal* misgivings about the Daily KOS -- what's wrong with the commentary presented here? You're not helping your cause by making unsubstantiated, vitriolic claims. We, out here in teh webz, don't have your history and can't read your mind(s). And don't you mean "Satan"? Satin was a wise and clever hisa (teddybear-esque alien) in CJ Cherryh's _Downbelow Station_ and I'd be happy to promote that book, author, and character ;)

Beam Me Up said...

Gasp oh stop please...I almost broke a rib...

Yep, thats why I let the comment go through...It was funny enough when I saw it first but I was wondering how long it would be before someone else picked up on it.
Got to agree
Satin rules
Hail Satin

Beam Me Up said...

anon3 Wish you guys would come in with name...come on! Anyway, Yeah, I didnt have a clue what was going on. I take it that KOS is really liberal and that rubed a couple the wrong way. I wasn't really going to do much more than let the comments ride until REVTIM spotted the satin line. I had seen it, but starting a flame war in my own comment section seemed a bit lame, but it was funny none the less. I would not be suprised though if there was a group that trolled the net looking for KOS comments just so they can flame them. Ehh I got better things to do with my time.