Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Review: Chase on SciFi

Imagine a game that combines elements from "the Running Man, The Matrix, Terminator, and elements of "Survivor" or the "Great Race" and you get an inkling of the SciFi channel's Tuesday night offering Chase. Players spend a frenetic hour completing harder and harder tasks all the while avoiding suited, dark glasses, cameras and radio wearing (all very Matrix like). It is clear that the producers put some thoughts into Chase. Plus the frantic rushing about of the players will certainly appeal to fans of this type of program. The editing is certainly good enough to keep the action flowing. (add to that some truely odd cuts like one very self serving and confident player commenting on how brilliant he is playing the game only to be disqualified in the waning moments due to an inability to read the provided map- or the female player brought virtually to tears and begging the stone faced chaser to please shake her hand, when faced with immeninent capture.Very very odd moments ) So all the running about, the high tech maps, the noise and tension, you would think that this would be a sure fire reciept for success. However at the end of the hour, watching the preview for next week, I was far from impressed. I remember thinking, maybe "Who Wants to be a SuperHero" wasn't really so bad afterall. It might be me. I am not that taken with "reality TV" most of what I have seen calling itself "reality" isn't, so maybe I am missing something, but I don't see myself watching next week.

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