Sunday, November 16, 2008

Antipodean Magazine #126 available

The editor of AntipodeanSF just sent out a note to let us know that issue 126 is
available on the net.

Here is the url for the newest issue

Here is the TOC for issue 126

"The Two Of Us Are Dying" by Mark Farrugia

"Manipulations" by Kurt Kurchmeier

"Escape" by Jillian Moffatt

"The Hanged Man" by Richard Ridyard

"Living, Simply" by Shaun A. Saunders

"The Home Team" by Greg Wickenhofer

"The Dunny" by John Craig

"The Lion, The Owl & The Cardinal" by PS Cottier

"Burn Me" by Adrian Gibb

"The Tale of Hakuin & The Mirror" by James C. Clar

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