Monday, February 29, 2016

Clicks Look Like Whaaaaa?!

Well we all know the legal battle that Apple is embroiled in with the government.  I don't do
politics, unless it has a space/science tie-in, on BMU, not to say that I haven't had instances
where the article I might be writing walks a VERY narrow edge. But never big business alone.

That was until, while perusing the Gizmodo site and came across an article concerning Apple but
not the government encryption but everything to do with the web.

A web user happened to notice on an Apple page promoting OS X El Capitan who's tag was "There's
more to love with every click".  If you check the graphic I included, you can see that this is
indeed the case.

The problem arises with the selection of the page's font. Look closely at the catchphrase to see
how the font inadvertently but radically changes the page's meaning. Yep you got it,  the font
makes “click” look like “dick.”

Yep, just couldn't leave this one alone.

Gizmodo article -CLICK HERE

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