Friday, September 18, 2015

NASA Sells off Major Launch Asset

I know this is a couple of months dated, but luckily listener Joe  brought me up to speed.

It seems that NASA has turned over a central Florida shuttle facility, which comes with the longest runway in the world, 15000 feet by 300feet,  to a commercial firm  called Space Florida.

Space Florida will also gain unrestricted airspace access, which, along with the huge runway puts Space Florida well ahead of any other firms vying for commercial launching.

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Anonymous said...

Well, corporate space transport services, and eventually corporate expeditionary ventures, will it seems be necessary to explore the Solar System. They will naturally want to get something out of it. It'll be a long time before the governments devote funding at anything near the level of US spending in the 1960's. The head of SpaceX was interviewed this week and mentioned tentative plans to terraform Mars by using the method described in The Engines of God (could we please have a two or three key failsafe at each end? I forget what the big hurry was according to the guy on the north switch in the novel). Musk described this as the "fast" way. The slow way is what we're doing here he said. Personally I think they'll need to add an orbiting mirror to the mix but I'm no engineer.