Friday, February 20, 2015

Would You Travel to Space, Given the Chance?

Would You Travel to Space, Given the Chance?  The answer to that question would seem to be, at face value, an extremely simple one...duh  of course!  But it would seem that we are in the minority.  

Matt Novak writing for Gizmodo writes:
  • Monmouth University in New Jersey has the new poll with the somewhat surprising results. When asked if they'd like to go to space with a private space company, a whopping 69 percent of Americans said that they wouldn't. Even if the company were offering the trips at absolutely no cost! Only 28 percent said they'd take the free trip.
Most Americans would not take the high road even for free?  So it would seem.   One might think that this would be a fairly recent phenomena but not so.  A Gallup poll from 1966 found that only   17% said that they would want to be on the first flight to the Moon.  

But not all is dark and gloomy.  Check out the rest of  Monmouth University's findings   HERE 

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