Monday, December 15, 2014

Death Rays Are Here To Stay......

Much as we would like that title to be some sort of weird musical, it isn't.

The Chinese military has a device called the Poly WB-1. It has the ability to concentrate  microwave beams.

For those of you that are still a bit unsure how a microwave does its magic.... a microwave excites the water molecules inside whatever is placed in its resonate cavity or given enough power, simply in the "beam's" path.   The longer the item stays in the beam or the amount of power applied, the hotter the "target" becomes. 

The poly WB-1 works exactly like it sounds: Aimed at you the effects would be like your insides were being put in a microwave oven, producing intense pain.  

China claims the weapon is non-lethal, and it can be fired from over half a mile away. but one can only imagine what extended exposure could in fact could do to a human body........

Finally it should be noted that the wb-1 is by no means handheld. It is large and requires a great deal of power and as such, must be mounted on a motorized vehicle, like a truck or a tank.

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