Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Pixyfox Streaming Media for Manga & Anime Fans

This is what AnimeNewsNetwork has to say about Pixyfox:
  • Pixy Fox is an anime website with extensive unique features that will help you connect and discover new anime 
Pixyfox's press release says in part      
  • Pixy Fox will focus on creating a way which will connect Anime and Manga fans and allow their interest in the Anime and Manga to be pushed to the next level.    
 I had a chance to tool around the site and I will have to admit that I was largely unimpressed.  The idea is great but the implementation leaves something to be desired.   There are damn few videos on the site and the ones I did find were streaming by another site.  If this is all the site has to offer then it is of very limited use and if they plan on adding content, one has to wonder why they would roll out such a crippled site?

See what you think, I would be interested in your observations. 



Mebbles said...

Ya, the site seems very unfinished; when I clicked on the Video Games thing on the top, it did nothing. Also, having only descriptions on episodes on the 1st series of anime I saw and not for streaming is a bit of a turn-off lol XD

Beam Me Up said...

Thanks for your note Mebbles. This site is going to have to step it up a whole lot to be of use and not just a Hulu repackager.