Wednesday, December 16, 2009

50 Great Movies Every Science Geek Needs to See

Amber Johnson sends in a post on the Online Degree Programs blog, with an interesting theme. Not just the top 50 science fiction films, but a broader list of movies that would appeal to the science geek in all of us.

From the article:
  • The fifty films ... whether documentaries or pure flights of fancy, delve into the often complex issues surrounding scientific discovery, exploration and alteration, educating as they entertain.
Coooooooool! Check it out...movies like
just to name a few of the listed (and ummm ahhhh some of my all time favs)

But its not just science fiction
  • Life Story Watson and Crick’s journey to unraveling DNA
  • A Beautiful Mind brilliant mathematician John Nash struggle with mental illness

and so many more. I love just browsing through the titles....there is a curious lack of some that I feel would have made a great addition to the list:

to name two and that is a conversation I would really like to start. Look through the complete list. Be honest, just because a movie entertained you doesn't make it a great movie. I saw both Transformers and all the Terminator movies...I wouldn't put them on the list however. The two that I did add were a couple of movies that I found extraordinarily upsetting and moving, but not high on action or special effects but movies that you find yourself saying....please...make it stop.

So suggestions for additions? Subtractions?


Anonymous said...

Where is the list? I can't seem to find the list of 50.

Beam Me Up said...

Anon, my blog titles are always hot linked to the original story. I don't believe in holding visitor's hostage, which seems to be all too common on some.....anyway - if you click the article title, you will be taken to the article list. But I did copy it down for you. Here it is. Enjoy, Let me know your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I liked "District 9" for the great way it pointed out prejudice and how we cope with something(or someone) we don't understand, but the best movie of that genre, "Enemy Mine" wasn't on the list.

Beam Me Up said...

You have seen District 9? Havent been up to see it yet. You ought to do a review for this Saturday's program, or write one and I will post it and read it Saturday. I am sure others would be interested. ok, on to enemy mine. You really think the movie is one of the 50 that MUST be watched? Honest? Have you read Barry Longyear's novel? The reason I ask is Barry's story original is a flat out masterpeice, but Quaid and Gossett? It was painful to watch. Ok, I don't mind Gossett, But I am basing that on Officer & a Gentleman, but I honestly think that Quaid has very little range and he totally missed with his interpretation of Davidge. I mean Davidge is the original ugly American and Xenophobe. Quaid with that "I am just so perfect" grin, ruins the character's supposedly barely controlled rage and hate.

Honestly I would be more likely to put Enemy Mine the movie on the "why did they make this movie?

Mallet Head said...

I, Robot? You can’t be serious to consider this piece of trash. It had little connection to the story by Isaac Asimov. I’m not a purist, it didn’t have to follow the book word for word. This garbage only shared the title, and it did have robots. Otherwise this vacant star vehicle destroyed one of the best classic SF stories ever.

I know you didn't make the list. Above is a copy of what I posted on the linked to site.

There are many other questionable entries .. wait I have to bang my head against the wall to get the thought of picking I, Robot in the top 50 ... noooo ... it shouldn't make the top 2000 even.

Beam Me Up said...

Mallet Head
Yeah, I had never even heard of this group before, but I could see the list generating some comment. Especially the I Robot inclusion. Because like you said, (and I agree) that it had NO resemblance to the original Asimov story and in that respect was a travesty! But then look at some of the other choices! Short Circuit?!!! Mindless trash. so why did these movies get an include in their list? All I can say is that the header for each category. For Short Circuit it was Robotics. That's mighty thin but at the very least is dealing with Robotics...gag...and I Robot? Science Gone Awry. Crap! That's even thinner than Robotics for Short Circuit. In I Robot's case the worst thing they could have done was call it I Robot. By any other name and it is just a mundane flick that Will Smith can cavort around in for a couple of hours. But remember this list was (as far as I can ascertain) NOT suppose to be a "these are the best movies ever" because they clearly are not. Are they representative of the category in which they were place? Well again...that is what I like to think this discussion is about.

Beam Me Up said...

Hey Mallethead
and I should have read down further! you put that on their blog! Oh wow! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they read that! excellent! kudos!

Nelson Cole said...

How about "Galaxy Quest"? I thought it was funny and a smart, affectionate send-up of "Trekkie" culture.

Beam Me Up said...

Galaxy Quest sure is a send up of TV sci-fi in a very funny way. but where would you place it on the list?